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Angi, Rev. Steve
P230(14) Intro to Canon Law 2016/17 S1

Ater, Sean
LPC131 Evangelization & Social Media 2016/17 S2
LPC131C Evangelization & Social Media 2016/17 S2
LPC131C(14) Evangelization & Social Media 2016/17 S1
LPP306 Communication in the Digital World 2016/17 S1

Belcher, Hal
LPC123C(15) Jesus, the Christ of Faith 2016/17 S2

Bellman, Mary
LPC115C(13) Basic Doctrine 2016/17 S1
LPC120C Formation for Discipleship 2016/17 S2

Brausch, Rev. Anthony
PDP114(13) Liturgical Practicum 2016/17 S1
PDS113 Ecclesiology 2016/17 S1
PH213 Contemporary Philosophy 2016/17 S2

Canisalez, Tracey
L261(14) Spanish I 2016/17 S1
L262(15) Spanish II 2016/17 S2
L363 Spanish III 2016/17 S1
L364(15) Spanish IV 2016/17 S2

Cassani, Michael
LPC123C(15)c Jesus, the Christ of Faith 2016/17 S1

Craycraft, Dr. Ken
CL234(16) Catholic Social Doctrine 2016/17 S1
CL371/S371 Religious Freedom in the American Context 2016/17 S2
LPS414(16) Catholic Social Doctrine 2016/17 S1
S264 Catechism: Morality 2016/17 S2

Dorger, Cecelia
B432/S432 Sacred Scripture Seen Through Sacred Art 2016/17 S2

Dunn, Joan
LPC121C(16) Introduction to the Old Testament 2016/17 S1

Endres, Rev. David
H311(15) Patristic Theology 2016/17 S2
H320 Early & Medieval Church History 2016/17 S2
H451(14) American Catholic Experience 2016/17 S1
MAB Comprehensive Exam Study Questions
MAT Comprehensive Exam Study Questions

Finnigan, Vivien
LPP305(13) The Art of Effective Communication 2016/17 S1

Foster, Dr. David
PH204 Anthropology 2016/17 S2
PH208 Natural Theology 2016/17 S1
PH210 Ancient Philosophy 2016/17 S1
PH211 Medieval Philosophy 2016/17 S2
PH310(13) Philosophy for Theological Studies 2016/17 S1

Frantz, Bill
LPC119C(14) Using Scripture in Parish Ministry 2016/17 S2

Genung, Dr. Matthew
B321 Hermeneutics and Pentateuch 2016/17 S1
B353 Gospel of Luke & Acts of the Apostles 2016/17 S2
B358(16) Catholic Epistles 2016/17 S1
B452(16) Gospels of Mark & Matthew 2016/17 S1
B454 Pauline Literature 2016/17 S2
LPB302(14) New Testament Scriptures 2016/17 S2

Giordano, Thomas
LPP310 Principles of Leadership for Lay Ecclesial Ministers 2016/17 S2

Hater, Rev. Robert
LPS304 Ecclesiology of the Domestic Church 2016/17 S2

Jack, Rev. John
LPS302(13) Christology 2016/17 S1
S225(10) Christian Anthropology 2016/17 S1
S230 Fundamental Dogma 2016/17 S2
S239(01) Mariology & Eschatology 2016/17 S1
S240 Theology of the Trinity 2016/17 S2
S241 Christology 2016/17 S1
S262(16) Catechism: Doctrine 2016/17 S2
S550(I)16 Thesis 2016/17 S1

Jamison, Dr. Tracy
PH203 Logic 2016/17 S1
PH207 Metaphysics 2016/17 S1
PH212 Modern Philosophy 2016/17 S1

Keller, O.P., Rev. Paul J.
LS231(13) Theology of Liturgy 2016/17 S1
LS232(14) Theology of Sacraments/Baptism & Confirmation 2016/17 S2
LS233(14) Theology of Marriage 2016/17 S1
LS236(16) Sacraments of Healing 2016/17 S2
LS239 Practicum: Sacraments of Penance & Anointing of Sick 2016/17 S2
PDS112(10) Intro to Liturgical Theology 2016/17 S1
S323 Sacraments in Film 2016/17 S1

Kingsland, Joan
LPS342(14) Contemporary Issues in Moral Theology 2016/17 S2
P220(16) Principles of Catechesis 2016/17 S1

Levri, Mary Catherine
LS 252 Liturgical Music and Vocal Skills
LS241 Ministerial Chant in the Liturgy 2016/17 S2
LS260(16) Voice I 2016/17 S1
LS260(16) Voice I 2016/17 S2
LS261(16) Voice II 2016/17 S1
LS263 Voice III 2016/17 S2

Lim, Deacon Amado
LPC110C Catechism of the Catholic Church 2016/17 S1

McGurgan, Dr. Susan
Homiletics II for Permanent Deacons
LPC124C Church History 2016/17 S1
LPS 420 Evangelization and Mission for Pastoral Ministers

McQuillen, Rev. Thomas
PH205(13) Epistemology 2016/17 S2
S263(15) Catechism: Liturgy 2016/17 S1

B354 Johannine Literature 2016/17 S2
B414 Prophets 2016/17 S2
L282(15) Latin II 2016/17 S2
L284 Advanced Latin II 2016/17 S2

Mulattieri, Marco
B306(16) Wisdom Literature 2016/17 S1
B331 Historical Themes and Wisdom Literature 2016/17 S1
L281(14) Latin I 2016/17 S1
L283(15) Advanced Latin I 2016/17 S1

O'Cinnsealaigh, Rev. Benedict
LPS303(14) Ecclesiology 2016/17 S2
PDP116(16) Spirituality of the Diaconate 2016/17 S1
S 237 Theology & Spirituality of Holy Orders
S233(16) Ecclesiology I 2016/17 S1
S237 Theology & Spirituality of Holy Orders 2016/17 S2

Prendergast, Kevin
P231(14) Pastoral Counseling 2016/17 S2

Ruiz, Fr. Ryan
LPS401(14) Sacramental Theology 2016/17 S2
LS238(16) Liturgical Practicum I: Blessings & Rites 2016/17 S1
LS240(16) Liturgical Practicum II: The Mass 2016/17 S1
LS301(14) The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite 2016/17 S2
LS550(I)16 Thesis 2016/17 S1
P338 Preaching Practicum in Spanish - The Rites 2016/17 S2
PDP114(16) The Church at Prayer: Introduction to the Missal and Liturgy of the Hours 2016/17 S1

Ruwe, Rev. Paul
CL233 History of Christian Spirituality 2016/17 S2
CL395 ISC: Spiritual Direction 2016/17 S2
S261 Catechism: Prayer 2016/17 S1

Schehr, Rev. Timothy
LPB301(16) Old Testament Scriptures 2016/17 S1
LPP450(14) Using Scripture in Parish Ministry 2016/17 S2
LPP451(16) Praying with Scripture for Pastoral Ministers 2016/17 S1

Schmidt, Jan
P250(16) Pastoral Leadership 2016/17 S2

Schmiesing, Dr. Kevin
LPC124C(14) Church History 2016/17 S1
LPC130C(14) Ecclesiology 2016/17 S1

Shea, Deacon David
P 241 Preaching at Mass
P240(03) Introduction to Homiletics 2016/17 S1
P241(13) Preaching at Sunday Mass 2016/17 S1
P430 Preach.& Pres. at Rites of Christ.Initiation 2016/17 S2
PDP 131 Proclamation
PDP131(05) Proclamation 2016/17 S1
PDS 222 Theology of Preaching

Song, Connie
PTS210(15) Intro to Seminary Studies 2016/17 S1

Tensi, Rev. Lawrence
LPC126-M Liturgy/Prayer 2016/17 S2

Vondenberger, Sr. Victoria
LPC222 Tribunal Training Course 2016/17 S2

Walter, Rev. Steve
LPC 130 Ecclesiology Spring 2016

Wolf, Eric
LPC121C(13) Old Testament 2016/17 S1
LPC122C(14) New Testament 2016/17 S2

Zalot, Dr. Joe
CL237(16) Catholic Medical Ethics 2016/17 S1
LPC132-M Morality & Justice in Catholic Life 2016/17 S2

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